Advantages and application properties of polyurethane foam packaging customization

2020-03-11 16:12:42  Tongxiang Shule rubber material Co. Ltd.   Read 601

Sponge is a type of polyurethane foam and belongs to flexible polyurethane foam. Due to the porous honeycomb structure, it has very good elasticity, softness and water absorption characteristics, and is widely used in sofas, mattresses, chair cushions, cushions, clothing and other flexible packaging industries. Bedding (simmons and other cushion materials, composite fabrics) and clothing shoes and hat linings; the main use of molded soft foam is car seat cushions and motorcycle, bicycle seat cushions.

Polyurethane packaging sponge is foamed with polyether, like foamed bread. It can be foamed with mechanical equipment or artificially surrounded by wooden boards. The foamed cotton is like a square loaf. After using a slicer, it can be sliced according to different requirements. The foam can also be adjusted for softness and hardness. . Seat cotton is generally 25 ~ 28kg / m3, others are 20 ~ 22kg / m3 density. Although the hardness and density of the sponge are directly related, they are also related to different additive formulas. Therefore, the industry is divided into high elasticity, gray super, black gray super, and soft cotton.

When designing and using the product, it should be reasonable and scientifically matched according to different shapes and structures. Generally, it is divided into three parts of upper, middle and low with sponges of different elasticity and density. There is a kind of fire-resistant sponge material (flame-resistant sponge) in the sponge. In fact, before the foaming of the sponge, a fire retardant is added to the material formula, such as chlorine and bromine, so that when the sponge catches fire, it can generate fire extinguishing smoke and play a flame retardant effect.

Shaped packing sponges: The main product types are polyester sponges, polyether sponges, closed-cell sponges, open-cell sponges, activated carbon filter cotton, shock-proof packaging sponges, good-density sponges, high-elasticity slow-rebound sponges, sound-insulating thermal insulation sponges, and conductive materials. Anti-static sponge, special-shaped processing sponge, primary foaming sponge, PU sponge; it is also widely used, in addition to tea set packaging, it can also be used for children's toys, craft gifts, cosmetics modification, stationery office, decoration, transportation process for products Protection.