Characteristics and application of polyurethane sponge

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Polyurethane (also known as foam) English name PU FOAM. Sponge has excellent performance and is widely used in many economic fields because of its excellent performance. Product applications include light industry, chemical industry, electronics, textiles, medical, construction, building materials, automotive, aerospace, aviation and so on.

Classification and introduction

There are many types of sponges used in daily life. Foam sponges and styling sponges are commonly used.

Foam sponge

Polyether foam molding, like foam bread. Foaming with mechanical equipment, after forming, it looks like a square loaf. After using the slicer to cut through the cutting process, the thickness can be cut according to different requirements. The foam can also be adjusted for softness and hardness. Common cotton is usually 25--28kg / m3, others are 20-22kg / m3 density. Although the hardness and density of sponges are directly related, they are also related to different additive formulations. Therefore, the industry is divided into high-elastic sponges, ordinary sponges, fine sponges, and ultra-soft sponges. When designing and using the product, it should be reasonable and scientifically matched according to different shapes and structures. Generally, it is divided into three parts of upper, middle and low with sponges of different elasticity and density. For example, there is a kind of fire-resistant sponge material (flame-retardant sponge) in the sponge. In fact, before the foaming of the sponge, a fire retardant is added to the material formula, such as chlorine and bromine. When the sponge catches fire, it can generate flame extinguishing smoke and play a flame effect.

Foaming sponges are very extensive, and can be made into different shapes of sponge products according to customer needs through stamping, cutting, and special processing. Sponges have superior performance and diversified products for a wide range of applications, covering a wide range of industries including: clothing, electronics, communications equipment, precision instruments, printing supplies, aviation, automobiles, packaging, sporting goods, crafts, glass, ceramic products, furniture, Agriculture, medicine and other industries.

Styling sponge

It is made of polyamic acid material, mixed with various additives such as foaming agent, and pressed into the mold to heat up the sponge to produce different shapes of sponges. It is suitable for swivel sofa cushions and backs. At present, the material density is 55-60kg / m3, and its elasticity is more in line with relevant standards of our family. The elasticity and hardness of the sponge can be adjusted according to different parts of the product.